About Us

Radio taxi partner is involved in the transport of persons Taxi and transportation of persons with disabilities since 1998.

The priority objective of our business is the carriage of persons disabled, which is on the basis of agreements with Office of the City of Cracow. We transport people with disabilities, children with disabilities to schools and community centers in Cracow. Transport is specialized vehicles adapted for transport of persons with disabilities.

Our radio taxi is one of the largest in Cracow, Carpooling held for about two hundred vehicles.
Dispatcher Position carriage is equipped for disabled people in a professional computer program for rapid and efficient fleet management and communication with all cars, technical services, serial, ambulance, police, fire brigade.
Posts Dispatch radio-taxi headquarters is also supported by a computer program that allows customers to quickly identify and send the closest taxi located in Cracow, including connection with the services and protection agency, which keeps safety of our drivers.